Kellogg MBA Essay Instructions:

Please include the essay prompt in bold at the top of the page. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font, line spacing at 1.5 lines and 1-inch margins.

Kellogg MBA Essay One: Kellogg’s purpose is to educate, equip & inspire brave leaders who create lasting value. Tell us about a time you have demonstrated leadership and created lasting value. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn? (approximately 450 words)

Write this “leadership experience” essay with a masterful mix of personal anecdotes, sparks of insight and applicable pieces of wisdom. Have you spearheaded any strategic project that significantly improved your company’s bottom-line? Have you led an initiative to launch new products in emerging markets? Have you led you company’s social initiatives? Have you been a board member for a not-for-profit organization? Have you championed any Six Sigma initiative? Well, all these are appropriate examples of “creating lasting values”.

Show them how you faced the challenges along your path. Did you face any inter-personal challenge? Did you manage any third party vendor or purchased industrial products from vendors in China or Korea? Did you manage virtual teams in Asia or Middle East? Did you face any cross cultural challenges? The crux of the essay is what you learnt from this experience.

How to differentiate yourself from others?

Keep in mind that all the applicants are going to write their best leadership experience in this essay. Hence, you need to articulate in-depth perspectives on leadership and management that you have learned from this chapter of your life. Finally, show admissions team how the lessons learned through this experience will help you to contribute to Kellogg. Such information will certainly make the admissions team feel like exploring your leadership potential more in an interview.

Kellogg MBA Essay Two: Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (approximately 450 words)

The admission team aspire to know how you have grown as a leader, both in your professional and personal life. How have you shouldered progressively greater level of responsibilities and moved to higher orbit of leadership? Along that path, what are the major challenges that you faced? What are the eye-opening leadership lessons that you learnt? Show the admission team your growth trajectory and explain the key milestones in that journey. For example, to demonstrate your professional growth, you can narrate your journey from an entry level position to a middle management role. Articulate both your professional and personal endeavors to show your holistic growth as a leader.

Next, how is Kellogg going to further help you in your journey? With an excellently academic ecosystem supplemented with 120 student clubs, Kellogg offers a basket of opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills. Are you going to actively participate in organizing the annual Kellogg Worldwide Experiences and Service Trips (KWEST) in order to explore global diversity along with your peers? Or are you going to study at one of Kellogg’s 38 international partner schools in the fall or winter semester in order to refine your cross cultural skills? Or are you going to pitch new ideas to market products in Asia at the Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition? Or show admissions team how socializing with alumni in “The Deuce”, one of the most famous pub across the street, will help you to get access to venture capital fund necessary for your future business venture in Africa? Ensure that your stories are aligned with your post-MBA career goals.

Kellogg MBA Optional Essay: If needed, use this section to briefly describe any extenuating circumstances (e.g. unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, etc.).

Is there some aspects of your leadership personality that has not been covered anywhere in the application? This is the right place to write that. But in case of any gaps in your profile such as low GMAT, layoff and so on, you can address it here.

Keep in mind that attempting the optional essay demonstrates your seriousness. In a cut-throat globally competitive B-Schools admission process, seriousness of the applicants is one of the most important factors. In case you don’t have any gaps in career or low GMAT, this essay is another chance to portray your uniqueness. But be sure to avoid repetition!

Kellogg Video Essay: After submitting a completed application, each applicant will be asked to complete two Video Essay Questions. One will be about the candidate’s interest in Kellogg and the other will be a “getting to know you” type of question. There are 10 practice questions which candidates can complete as many times as they like to get comfortable with the format and technology. Candidates will have 20 seconds to think about their question and up to 1 minute to give their response.

The admission team wish to see how you handle a question about yourself. For examples, “What do you do for fun?” or “whom do you admire the most and why?” These kind of questions helps admissions team to evaluate how confident and competent you are to strike an interesting conversation with others. There is no hidden agenda here. These are very straight forward questions and they need simple answers that should be presented in a positive manner.

Kellogg has disclosed the second question in the website – “What path are you interested in pursuing, how will you get there, and why is this program right for you?” This is a typical goal essay question. So it’s not tough! But don’t panic while recording the answers. Don’t show extra enthusiasm or skepticism. Just remain calm and you certainly will handle these two simple questions. In case you need any assistance, talk to us!


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Best marketing program globally
Complete team-based assignments
One Year MBA option
Relaxed atmosphere
Excellent general management program
MBA + Master’s in Engineering Management
You want to go into consulting
Like collaboration and team work
Aren’t looking for a typical “finance school


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