About Us

Why we do what we do?

All the editors in MBA Essay Consultant are MBAs from globally ranked B-Schools. We achieved our dream of getting admission into the top B-schools! We recognize that this is the dream of millions of professionals as well. Hence, every single thing we do is guided by one philosophy – assist applicants from all across the globe to secure admissions in top-ranked B-schools. We crossed the firewall of the selection process ourselves and we desire you cross it as well.

What do we offer?

We handhold applicants in each and every step of the admission process. Our candidates don’t have to search the internet forums for ideas to project their uniqueness. They don’t have to burn mid-night’s oil to portray their differentiation. We know what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, we deeply understand what works for which type of candidate. All of us have been extensively involved with the admission process for more than a decade now. We create picture-perfect MBA applications..……perfect in all respects. 

What happens when you sign up with us?

Focus on meaningful stuff!

You don’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about your MBA essays or ransack the internet forums to come up with “ideas” to project your uniqueness

Get insider tips!

You will receive insider tips about various schools, your “fit” with the school, proven method to portray your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from the crowd 

Experience talks

You don’t need to post questions in online forums where unknown bloggers provide answers based on their assumptions. We answer all your questions based on our in-depth experience. Period.

Constant editing

One of our Admission Gurus will exclusively work with you on your application. A Guru being a sharp-eyed editor and a specialist in writing engaging admission essays will present your best case 

Our History

MBAEssayConsultant is driven by intellectually bright MBAs from top-ranked schools who have been extensively involved with the admissions process for more than two decades. Since the day of our inception, we have grown by leaps and bounds. We began our journey in United States by assisting handful of clients to get admission to US based top ranked Business schools. Gradually, we started to spread our wings. Our team size enlarged and the client portfolios burgeoned. In 2009, we shifted our base to India.

Our Founders

Sandip Bhattacharya
Sandip Bhattacharya
Educated from Harvard University. More than 20 years of experience in MBA Admission Consulting. Authored several books on Admission Strategy.
Debarati Bhattacharya
Debarati Bhattacharya
Reputed Communication and Softskills Specialist. Conducted Leadership Development Workshops all across India for Fortune-500 companies.  

Our Unique Advantages

One of the oldest admission consulting house
Authored best selling books on MBA admission process
Cost effective yet cutting-edge value to global clients
Served more than 5000 clients from US, EU, India, China, and Middle East
Started in United States in 90’s and moved to India in 2009
Clients accepted at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Insead, LBS, Tuck, Duke, Kelloggs, MIT, NUS, Chicago GSB, Stern, Ross and others
Editors are MBAs from globally ranked B-Schools
Customers majorly from US, UK, Canada, China, Singapore and India
Unlimited email and telephone support. Your physical location (country/city) doesn’t matter

Our Differentiation

Two separate group of experts will work on your application

MBA Admission Experts

MBA Admission Experts are MBAs from various top ranked Business schools. They will guide you to:

  • Showcase your overall leadership competencies
  • Shape your ideas, logic and content in the admission essays
  • Project uniqueness and differentiate your essays from thousands of other essays
  • Choose the right theme and examples to give life to the essays
  • Highlight your strong areas
  • Identify the weak areas and suggest workarounds to improve your chances

English Editing Experts

English Editing Experts are Masters in English from renowned universities. They have vast expertise on essay writing, English grammar, and proofreading. They will assist you to write with:

  • Effective style
  • Correct grammar
  • Relevant vocabulary
  • Appropriate usage

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