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Are you anxious to put your best foot forward?

Penning down persuasive essays can be overwhelming. Some of the questions that might cross your mind are:
What to write in first place ? Where to start ? What to include? And how to write it?
How to write a failure essay? Will it not make my weaknesses very obvious?
I want to switch career. How to convince the admission committee on my career choice?
What stories should I use to project my leadership skills both inside and outside office?
How do I answer the question – ‘what matters most to you as a person’?
How to find time to write and rewrite the essays given a hectic work schedule?
Writing about weakness? I am apprehensive. How to identify it? And how to write about it?
With an average writing skill how do I fulfill my desire of submitting brilliant essays?
Of all my achievements, which three do I pick?

Work with us to get answers to all your questions!


How MBA Essay Writing Support Works

Its a 4-stage process..

Brainstorming to understand your ideas and decide the macro picture

You will send your detail ideas about the essay to us

We will work with you to create the essay in 3~4 iterations

Our grammar team will check and give final approval

In short, this package provides all the necessary guidance by our Admission Consultants and English Editors to take the plunge and create a structured coherent essay.

Salient Features

Maximum Control – Minimum Investment – Book one essay at a time

For applicants looking for maximum assistance

Support through Email, Telephone, Google Talk or Skype. Hence, your physical location  doesn’t matter

The Process (In Detail)

The initial brainstorming sessions offer an unshackled exploration of ideas

We will constantly sharpen the content by pin-pointing missing links

We delete materials that can be found in other essays

Reveal anything and everything that may be application-worthy

We remove content that are plain boring and doesn’t answer the question

We will regularly offer constructive feedback to project your differentiation

Discussions will spark new ideas and open your eyes to various possibilities

We will tell you when your ideas just doesn’t make sense

English editors will do final checks to ensure effective style and grammar

Our Package

Service Charges for each essay – $ 225  or Rs. 13500

Let us help you to write better!

Politicians have speech writers. Journalists use news editors. Famous writers and columnists have an army of professional editors. Don’t you think you also need to have one?

What's next after buying the service?


Please send us your resume and the essay question you want to work on


You can send us any other info that will help us to know more about you (last year app, other essays etc.)


We will reply to your email, acknowledge your purchase and start the service asap (by 24 hours max)

Our Founders

Sandip Bhattacharya
Sandip Bhattacharya
Educated from Harvard University. More than 20 years of experience in MBA Admission Consulting. Authored several books on Admission Strategy.
Debarati Bhattacharya
Debarati Bhattacharya
Reputed Communication and Softskills Specialist. Conducted Leadership Development Workshops all across India for Fortune-500 companies.  

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